Going behind the closed doors of Nissan, GM, the innovative California start-up Tesla Motors and an independent car converter named Greg “Gadget” Abbott to find the story of the global resurgence of electric cars

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RT @broomemiles: @DavidLenigas Can't wait to see the value watched a fantastic docufilm today The revenge of the electric car all the Rems should watch 1422358444 · reply · retweet · favorite

RT @joedynamic: Just watched 'Revenge of the Electric Car' I should have figured @Jason would be in it. What a great doc. Just need a @TeslaMotors now 1410169288 · reply · retweet · favorite

Are Electric cars no longer the exception? dogwoof.org/1jUAAx7 1394106946 · reply · retweet · favorite

RT @mwt2008: @History_Pics @ThePaulONeill Nissan Leaf electric cars in Amsterdam watching the revenge of the electric car Sep 2011 pic.twitter.com/PEaRxXiN4J 1392286745 · reply · retweet · favorite

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  • "Revenge Of The Electric Car is a heartwarming tale" – The Guardian
  • "Speeds along as smoothly as the now defunct EV1. " 4The List
  • "A fascinating insight into an industry in transition." 4The Telegraph
  • "A rare dose of docu-optimism arrives in the form of this generally upbeat examination into the future of electric cars" 3Little White Lies
  • "A compelling watch, even if you know nothing about cars." 3The Independent
  • "A surprisingly optimistic progress report." 3The Daily Express